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Gyotaku Options

If you are looking to get your fish printed whether it's as a trophy for your prized catch or just a gift, need look no further.  I offer four different options to print your catch.  Traditional, basic, premium, and inverted gyotaku.  For those of you that are on a college budget or are a industry professional, there is a affordable option for you. 

Traditional Gyotaku


$99-$1000 (Depending on size of catch)

One of the most rudimentary but popular styles of gyotaku.  Simply the raw print (no color) on rice paper or cloth with some minor details such as the eye. This simple form of gyotaku dates back to the 1800's were Japanese fishermen would record their catch. 

Basic Gyotaku


$149-$1,500 (Depending on size of catch)

This form of gyotaku is the most poplar which displays the fish's basic colors and minor details in the eye and body.  Although often referred to as "traditional," this form too is relatively a new style.  

Premium Gyotaku


$199-$2,000 (Depending on size of catch)

This style of gyotaku is the epitome of gyotaku often called, "new-school" gyotaku. Very precise details, colors, and techniques are used to bring your fish back to life to give it a 3-dimentional appearance. 

Inverted Gyotaku


$299-$3,000 (Depending on size of catch)

The newest and most unexplored form of gyotaku. Printed on black cloth using white ink as the initial print, giving you "inverted gyotaku." Very high in contrast making the subject "pop."

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